Partner in the Spotlight……..

PC Philip Hudson from the Digital Mobile Policing team within West Yorkshire Police, provided an overview of his role within the Digital Mobile Policing team and how Unity could assist UK Policing.

1, What is your current role within the Force

I currently work on the force Digital Mobile Policing Team, my role includes developing digital solutions for the organisation. Implementing strategic decisions to increase visibility, reduce demand and improve officer culture.


2, How have you contributed towards the Unity Project?

What I have assisted the Unity project by attending the Antwerp pilot and providing feedback both as an operational Police officer and a Digital Policing background and as a follow up to that provided feedback with colleagues from DMP and IT at a meeting with RINICOM. Undertaken testing for the mobile app and the website, and provided feedback on the functionality of the CPSG.


3, How could Unity assist UK Policing

With my experiences with the Unity project it will bring great benefit to community Policing. It has the potential to be the one stop shop for the community to raise issues and concerns but also for the LEA’s to receive that vital information sometimes communities don’t feel safe in reporting, this can only improve community cohesion.

The benefits of officers from around Europe given the ability to converse, share ideas and build partnerships cannot be quantified, the positives are unimaginable. To think at the touch of a button I could get support from officers all over Europe can only mean I provide the best service possible to the communities I serve.