AESOP Community Engagement Game

The Unity partners Sheffield Hallam University have developed an interactive educational game to raise awareness of community policing within communities themselves. AEsOP provides the user with twelve scenarios, each of focusing on a different type of criminality. The game puts the user in the shoes of various community actors, including […]

Community Safety and Resilience Conference 20th April 2018

The Community Safety and Resilience conference was held at the Emergency Planning College in York on 20th April 2018. The aim was to explore, discuss and share experiences on how the Unity six pillars of community policing support innovation in governance, practice and technology in improving the safety and resilience of […]

Partner In The Spotlight…..

We interviewed Dr Yvonne Hail from Edinburgh Napier University on her experiences being a partner on the Unity Project..  What has your role been within the Unity project? My role on Unity has been working as a research fellow on Work Package 2 which looked to ensure that all social, cultural, legal and […]

Partner in The Spotlight….

Simon Phillips, Community Engagement Officer for West Yorkshire Police answered questions on his contribution to the  Unity project. 1.What is your role within the force   My role is Community Engagement Officer in the Local Policing Team at Corporate Services. I have responsibility for helping to oversee the Community Engagement Strategy, […]

The West Yorkshire Pilot 28th – 30th November 2017

We are set up and ready for the pilot debrief event today, let’s do this! #CommunityPolicing pic.twitter.com/nG7ScjKtHy — Unity Project (@unityeuproject) November 29, 2017   Tudor shares our participants thoughts on the @unityeuproject approach and technology pic.twitter.com/sviujSzRA3 — Unity Project (@unityeuproject) November 29, 2017 Our partners from Finland share the […]

The NGCP Conference 25th – 27th October 2017

The Next Generation Community Policing Conference took place in Crete on 25th October -27th October 2017. The event was co-organised by 9 contributing projects funded by Horizon 2020. Unity partners attended the event to showcase the Unity technology and present to the attendees how the Unity principles can enhance the […]

Macedonian Pilot Citizen/Stakeholder Meeting 5th – 6th September

On the 5th and 6th of September, 2017 the Macedonian research team held additional introductory meetings with citizen stakeholders and local authority figures who are helping in preparing for the start of the “Vevchani Carnival” scenario. It was a very productive set of meetings in which the foundation for the […]

Macedonian Pilot Planning Meeting- 5th September 2017

On 5th of September 2017 the Macedonian research team had its introductory meeting with the police officers of the Ohrid Police Department who are involved in the “Vevchani Carnival” scenario.  There was great interest exhibited by the law enforcement officials. The round of meetings will continue with the rest of […]

Partner in the Spotlight……..

PC Philip Hudson from the Digital Mobile Policing team within West Yorkshire Police, provided an overview of his role within the Digital Mobile Policing team and how Unity could assist UK Policing. 1, What is your current role within the Force I currently work on the force Digital Mobile Policing Team, my […]