Strengthening the connection between police and communities to maximise the safety and security of all citizens

Communities the world over, despite their varying social, cultural, geographic and ethnic differences, have common and shared values in their need for safety, security and wellbeing. We live in an age of increasing technical connectively but many citizens and their communities are disconnected from the police who serve to keep them safe. In recognising these challenges

Unity will create a new, community-centred approach to Community Policing: developing new tools, procedures and technologies, putting people at the heart of identifying policing priorities and ensuring citizens are an integral part of informing sustainable solutions.

Unity will develop and deliver a flexible and scalable citizen-focused CP model which strengthens the effective engagement and cooperation between police forces and the communities they serve to create safer societies for all.

The Vision for Unity

  • To capture best practices for cooperation between police and citizens
  • To develop a communications technology to facilitate, strengthen and accelerate the communication between citizens and police
  • To design, develop and deliver training for Law Enforcement Agencies and awareness raising activities about Community Policing


Work Programme

The Unity work programme is divided into 8 work packages:

  • WP1 – Project Management
  • WP2 – Ethical, Legal and Community Issues
  • WP3 – Policing and Community Requirements and Best/Effective Practices
  • WP4 – Community Policing Delivery Framework
  • WP5 – Technology Toolkit
  • WP6 – Unity Integration Framework
  • WP7 – Test Beds, Pilots and Evaluation
  • WP8 – Dissemination, Exploitation and Training