Related Projects


Inspec2t_logoThe INSPEC2T project will develop a sustainable framework for community policing that effectively addresses and promotes seamless collaboration between the police and the community. INSPEC2T is also funded under FCT-14 and the two projects are already in contact to identify opportunities for potential synergies and collaborations. TheINSPEC2T project is led by KEMEA.


TRILLION (TRusted, cItizen – LEA coLlaboratIon over sOcial Networks) proposes an innovative socio-technical platform to foster effective collaboration between citizens and law-enforcement agencies. TRILLION is also funded under FCT-14. TRILLION is led by ENGINEERING – INGEGNERIA INFORMATICA.




The CITYCoP (Citizen Interaction Technologies Yield Community Policing) project looks for common features and best practices embraced by successful community policing apps worldwide and aims then to produce a uniquely European solution, including a smartphone app and an on-line portal, to be deployed in every European city, while still retaining its “local flavour”. CITYCOP is also funded under FCT-14 and is led by the University of Groningen.